Cinque Terre

Gaven Standon

At the outset, I would like to congratulate our respective countries India and Australia for setting a gold standard in bilateral relationship with the formal signing of ECTA in ‘FY 22-23. This along with the multiple bilateral agreements, rejuvenating the G20 and playing a pivotal role in the Quad formations helps in amplifying the relationship to a level that has far reaching implications triggering economic growth.

As the president of IACC for the last few months along with our highly energetic CEO Petula Thomas & the council members, the entire team has constantly endeavoured to provide the right visibility, reach, and leverage for business houses. The IACC platform along the guidance from the Australian High Commission has created an opportunity for better business & government interactions, access to various industry segments, development of trade and investment, along with business exchanges to leverage opportunities between the two countries. There have been various initiatives within the Chamber to improve coverage & business presence at industry forums and a noteworthy development being the launch of the various regional chapters bringing into focus themes across education, IT, agribusiness, manufacturing, science & technology to name a few.

The chamber also has been at the forefront of assisting the various state visits from Australian government & help fortify the relationship between the two nations primarily on enhancing trade and business interactions. The Chamber today is a very vibrant and sought after platform by the Australian government and business houses to understand the diverse landscape of the “India opportunity” through various engagements.

With India’s GDP growth amongst the highest in the world and being amongst the top 5 economies per the GDP, it does provide a great opportunity for Australian businesses to invest for a great future together. We at the Chamber remain very committed and thankful to industry leaders in both the countries who continue to share their learnings and wisdom on this platform. We are also very thankful to the continued patronage of the members of IACC. Last but not the least is our heartfelt thanks to the respective government representatives and leaders who have invested their time to bring the two nations closer and spend their valuable time contributing to the Chamber’s initiatives.

I personally look forward to the year that has just begun with a very high degree of optimism as much as the world cricket test championship in couple of months when our respective countries lock horns at the world stage. While there could be a winner and a loser in the game of cricket, both of our countries in the bilateral relationship are clear winners together.

Thank you very much.

With optimism & gratitude

Gaven Standon